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I'm a registered childminder and regularly attend Magical Movers classes in Arnold and Mapperley and I just wanted to draw peoples attention (particularly other childminders, nursery workers, etc) to how fantastic these classes really are.

When highlighting my development sheets for the under 5s I take to Magical Movers, I have realised I repeatedly keep noting how many aspects of the EYFS are covered during the class.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development section - making relationships, self-confidence and self-awareness, managing feelings and behaviour - so many aspects are covered it would take too long to list them here, but from venturing across the hall on their own, to exploring new toys, sharing, trying new things, making choices (instruments), learning it may not always be their turn, etc, the class encompasses it all in so many ways.

Physical Development - moving and handling, health and self care - these are covered in everything from maybe taking first steps, to sitting unaided in the circle, to using instruments, hoops, floaty scarves, other props, action songs with clapping, jumping, skipping, galloping, spinning, stamping, marching, etc, right through to juice time where little ones can get a drink which they might choose and hold for themselves.

Communication and Language - listening and attention, understanding, speaking - all these aspects are brilliantly encouraged during Magical Movers, from listening to the group leader, trying to join in with songs and rhymes, wiggling bums to the lively, age appropriate music played, learning new words and to follow basic instructions (clap your hands and wiggle your fingers, for example). Although there are now lots of different "themes" (jungle animals, space, pets, circle songs, dinosaurs, to name but a few), they are rotated regularly and the same songs feature as warm ups and cool downs each week, meaning the songs become familiar to the children, so they get to know the words and actions and get excited because they know what's coming next.

Even specific areas such as early reading skills are being touched on, in rhymes and songs, likewise maths when singing "1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive" and other counting songs, whereas the "Goldilocks song" has a huge, small and tiny action to go with it, demonstrating size differences by use of words and hand gestures.

Understanding the World is covered in various ways, including things like watching the other children and adults around them during the class, travel to the class (mine ask if we are going to MM when we drive near to the hall), talking about what pets they have at home when it's "pets week", working out what sounds various instruments make and how they work, meeting other children who might be going to attend the same preschool as them, etc.

Finally, Expressive Arts and Design - exploring and using media and materials and being imaginative. A big chuck of this section is related to moving bodies, listening to sounds, imitating and improvising actions, joining in singing along to songs, creating sounds (MM sometimes does an instrument time using wooden spoons, tins, home-made shakers, etc, rather than the convential drums, guitars, etc). There is horse week where children are given ribbons and have to pretend they or their grownups are horses, night-time week with torches and all the lights out, just a small sample of ways the classes encourage imagination.

All in all, Magical Movers is, in my opinion, an outstanding example of learning through play and, most importantly, having fun! Watching the children enjoying themselves so much, in such a relaxed and friendly environment is a delight for any parent or carer.

The class is expanding all the time and going into new areas of Notts, and new themes and ideas are being developed by the dedicated MM leaders, who put so much time and thought into the class, but I don't think they realise just how good they really are . . . . . . . ;-)

Kath (childminder), Arnold / Woodthorpe class.

The class is fantastic, full of fun and energy. A relaxed atmosphere helps the children prepare for future dance classes. My twins really enjoy it and can't wait to go each week!

Tina Boswell, Netherfield class.

Magical Movers is a great combination of music and movement, which keeps the children in my care entertained. Claire is an enthusiastic teacher with loads of energy and fantastic with the children. I can't recommend it enough!

Gill James, Arnold class.

As a childminder with three under 5's, Magical Movers is fantastic. Fun, lively and great value for money!

Wendy Townsend, Killisick class.

Jada and I really enjoy Magical Movers every Saturday. Lots of fun, easy to park, nice people - what could be better?

Karen & Jada, Woodthorpe class.

Magical Movers is great fun for the little ones. Rachel is really lively and encourages everybody to join in. Great props and activities and great value for money.

Lotte & Katie, Mapperley class.