About Us

A brief history of Magical Movers… Where we’ve come from and where we are striving to go.

Magical Movers began in 2005 starting out under the name “Little Stars Music and Dance Group”.

Creator, Claire Rayment, a mum of 3 children and a qualified Nursery Nurse with over 10 years experience of working with children and many years of experience as a dancer, decided to look for a music group for her then 2 year old daughter.

After discovering there were no such groups in the area, Claire created a music group incorporating movement and dance. After months of planning and advertising ‘Little Stars’ began with 1 class on Thursday mornings in Arnold Nottingham.

Today the group has grown and become extremely successful, with many classes around Nottinghamshire.

The group decided to change the name in order to expand further a field and to give more families the opportunity to enjoy the exciting, action packed classes.